Programme for the entire Family

Los de Abajo, Celso Piña, Amparo Sanchéz and many other top music acts, a diverse programme for kids, street art, poetry and much more!

Themes 2014

The 2014 festival themes are climate and Latin America. The Factual Programme is released!

Hiphop Allstars and Tiger Hoods take over the Main Stage

A group of top Finnish rap artists will appear on the festival's main stage together with the Metro FeatFest winner Tiger Hoods.

World Village Festival Cultural Programme is Released: Top Latin Artists to Perform in Helsinki

Press release


The international main performers for this year include artists such as the messenger of cumbia rhythms Celso Piña, the mestizo band Los de Abajo and the ambassador of the america-cubana genre Amparo Sánchez.

Metro FeatFest 3-23 March

News item


Prepare for some stunning entertainment as Hiphop Allstars take over the Main Stage at World Village Festival on Saturday 24 May.

Los de Abajo (MEX)


  • Salsa
  • Ska
Los de Abajo is a colourful Mexican go-go band without any prejudice. The group consist of eight people who skilfully mix rock and pop with salsa, reggae, cumbia, mariachi and ska rhythms.

Celso Piña (MEX)


  • Cumbia
  • Hiphop
  • Reggae
  • Ska
Celso Piña is a natural mix of traditional Latin music and more modern music trends such as hip hop and reggae. The ambassador of cumbia music has numerous hits and over twenty albums, which have sold over a million copies in Mexico.

Amparo Sánchez (ESP)


  • Alternative
  • Americana
  • Latin
  • Reggae
Amparo Sánchez ranks as the queenpin for Americana-Cubana music and on the festival's Saturday she will make a powerful and joyous performance with her band.

Lauri Tähkä


  • Folk
  • Schlager
  • Pop
  • Rock
Lauri Tähkä is a super star of Finnish music. On stage this hard core music maker conquers the audience with an intensive performance that take influence from Finnish folklore tradition and popular Ostrobothnian tunes.


Kids' Programme

  • Children's Music
What do we find in the treasure chest of Samae Koskinen? Will we end up in the land of Rauhantäti's wicked witch or in Mira Luoti's magical forest? Does the car get stuck at the garage or will Anna Puu be the next star of demolition derby?

Climate Tent

Factual Programme and Literature

The Climate Tent offers Keys to Stop Climate Change! Come and find out what your ecological status is and discover ways to prevent climate change.

Luiz Ruffato: Football, Brazilian Society and Culture (BRA)

Factual Programme and Literature

Brazilian contemporary author Luiz Ruffato talks about football, the upcoming World Cup, Brazilian society and culture.

Indigenous People Today & Notions on the Mexican Zapatistas (MEX)

Factual Programme and Literature

Indigenous people live in different kinds of societies but they often face very similar problems linked to power relations and history. How have Mexican Zapatistas and other indigenous people been able to resolve the problems they face?

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