General Contacts

You can send feedback and general contact proposals
by email to infoatmaailmakylassa [dot] fi or via feedback form.
For programme suggestions, please use the programme proposal form.
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World Village Festival Team

Niko Wilkinson
Production Manager
niko [dot] wilkinsonatkepa [dot] fi
+358 50 317 6709

  • Exhibitors and technical production

Johanna Eurakoski
Communications and Fundraising Manager
johanna [dot] eurakoskiatkepa [dot] fi
+358 50 317 6698

  • Communications, marketing, media and partnerships

Piia Lääveri
Programme Manager (starting September 4th)
piia [dot] laaveriatkepa [dot] fi
+358 50 317 6696

  • Programme production and selection

Urho Särkkä
Festival Assistant
urho [dot] sarkkaatkepa [dot] fi
+358 50 317 6742

Kepa ry

World Village Festival is organised by
Service Center for Development Cooperation - KEPA ry

World Village Festival  / Kepa ry
Töölöntorinkatu 2 A
00260 Helsinki, Finland

Jukka Aronen
Editor-in-Chief of Kepa's Web Publications
jukka [dot] aronenatkepa [dot] fi
+358 50 317 6692

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