Exhibitors | World Village Festival


Leif Laaksonen

The application period for exhibitors as well as food and bazaar vendors for 2013 festival opens 3 December 2012 and is open until the end of January 2013.

Applications recieved after the deadline will go to a waiting list. Please note that due to the large amount of applications and the limited size of the festival area, not all applications will be approved. KEPA reserves the right to approve or reject any exhibitor application. Only applications for a standard stand from KEPA's member organisations will be approved automatically.

Please note that the e-mail receipt sent right after the registration is not yet a confirmation of a place at the festival. Chosen exhibitors will receive a letter with an invoice at the beginning of March. The registration is confirmed when paying the invoice by the due date.

Exhibitors who organise and promote civil society activities are both the heart and essential programme providers of the festival. There are places for NGOs, commercial bazaar and food vendors, and other businesses in Kaisaniemi Park and on the Railway Square.

A giant tent will be erected on the Kaisaniemi field which will house the traditional NGO bazaar as well as other special sections. There will also be thematic villages and a Kids' Corner on the festival area.