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Festival photos

Colourful feelings, dancing, partying, food, yoga, talks and discussions. Hundreds of photos speak for themselves.

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World Village Festival taking over Helsinki this weekend

Press release


The festival, organised this weekend by development co-operation organisation Kepa, fills Kaisaniemi Park and Railway Square with international music, topical discussions, hundreds of exhibitors and delicious food.

World Village Festival, a culinary delight

Press release


The free festival is for many a veteran visitor also a street food festival. Samosas and dumplings, bean and banana dishes, peanut butter soup, falafels, kyyttö cheese burgers and artesan ice cream are only a portion of the options available for keeping the festival audience nourished. Vegetarian food is served at every stall.

Nordic values and identity to be examined at World Village Festival

Press release


Artists from a variety of backgrounds talk about their identities and making art in the Nordic countries at World Village Festival, 28–29 May. The role of art in integration will also be discussed.

Ecology is a cornerstone of World Village Festival

News item


Wind power, vegetarian food, sorting waste and reducing junk. World Village Festival is making the environment and sustainable development central elements of its festival planning and implementation.

Bombino (NIG)


  • Desert blues
  • Rock
  • Tuareggae
Bombino's music infuses the sounds of the Tuareg – an indigenous people of western Sahara – with the spirit of Woodstock, fitting for a guitar virtuoso who has been compared to Jimi Hendrix.

Looptroop Rockers (SWE)


  • Hip hop
Swedish group Looptroop Rockers has attacked social problems through hip hop since 1991.

Tulegur (CHN)


  • World Music
  • Nomad rock
  • Post Rock
Music can make the distance between the Mongolian highlands and the Finnish farmlands very short indeed. This is evident in the duo Tulegur, who have performed their combination of modern post-rock and Khoomei in Finland several times.

Quadrille – folk dancers from Finland and around the world


  • Folk
  • Dance
Forget everything you thought you knew about folk dance and join in! For the duration of May, a group of folk dancers from the capitol region are touring immigrant reception centres, giving classes in Finnish folk dancing to asylum seekers.

Interview: Does Cuba need a new revolution?

Talks and discussions

  • Civil Society
Photojournalist Meeri Koutaniemi reports on the changing face of Cuba through photographs and videos.

Morning yoga

Other programme

  • Yoga
Get limber and strong from the start of your day with morning yoga. World Village Festival’s morning yoga is sure to keep you dancing into the evening!

Nasrin Madani: Women’s rights in Iran (IRI)

Literary programme

  • Asia
  • Justice
  • Refugees
  • Nordic Dimension
Nasrin Madani is an Iranian writer. She left Iran – the freedom of women is inappropriate topic in the eyes of her country’s leadership.

Interview: Can freedom of speech survive in Turkey? (FIN/TUR)

Talks and discussions

  • Civil Society
  • Justice
An interview focused on journalism and media in Turkey.