Legendary hiphop groups and Korean electro

Free festival includes also desert blues, Mongolian throat singing and Nepali fusion jazz.

For a just world

The talks and discussions will bring together social activists, experts and politicians to talk about radicalisation, development cuts, the refugee situation, hate speech, and more.

Kids' programme

Kid's Corner offers various workshops for families, Bollywood dance lessons, clowns, children's music and much more.

World Village Festival to discuss radicalisation, the refugee crisis and funding reductions

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The event, organised by umbrella organisation for development co-operation Kepa, will bring together social activists, experts and politicians to talk about radicalisation, development co-operation cuts, the refugee situation, hate speech, and more. The festival’s main theme is justice.

Asian Dub Foundation, Looptroop Rockers and Bombino to World Village Festival

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Major Finnish artists Scandinavian Music Group, Mira Luoti and Finland’s Eurovision Song Contest representative Sandhja will also perform at the free festival in Helsinki city centre at the end of May.

Major Nordic artists to World Village Festival

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Looptroop Rockers and Scandinavian Music Group perform on the main stage at World Village Festival this May.

Hey you, street artist! Come perform at World Village Festival!

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Looking for a venue for your performance? Do you have a group who can get passers-by in a great mood and high spirits?

Asian Dub Foundation (GBR)


  • Bhangra
  • Dancehall
  • Dub
  • Hip hop
  • Jungle
  • Ragga
  • Rapcore
Legendary Asian Dub Foundation’s activism is directed at creating a more just world.

Alo Wala (DEN/USA)


  • Dancehall
  • Hip hop
Traditional Indian sounds with an electronic twist, a grimy club atmosphere infused with a Chicago-bred ghetto attitude and a hipster touch straight out of Copenhagen Nørrebro.

Idiotape (KOR)


  • Electronic
  • Indie
Idiotape drives the festival to trance-fueled vibrations. Hailing from Seoul, the three-man group is at the top of the indie and electronic music scene in South Korea.

Kanta dAb dAb (NEP)


  • Fusion
  • Jazz
A bold combination of soul and fusion jazz as well as east and west, Kanta dAb dAb is something that cannot be missed. The band is raising awareness to help Nepal’s musicians, who have suffered from the earthquakes.

Panel Discussion: Safe Haven – protecting freedom of expression (FIN/IRI/NOR/PLE/SWE)

Talks and discussions

  • Civil Society
  • Justice
  • Refugees
ICORN – the International Cities of Refuge Network organises shelter and protection for persecuted artists and writers in cities in over 50 countri...

Panel Discussion: My Nordic identity? – Artists’ discussion (FIN/NOR/PLE/USA)

Talks and discussions

  • Justice
  • Nordic Dimension
Nordic values and identities shift as the world changes as a whole.

Panel Discussion: Development 2.0 (FIN/MAS)

Talks and discussions

  • Civil Society
  • Sustainable Economy
  • Justice
In the future, disaster relief will not be enough to deal with the consequences of catastrophes and crises.

Morning yoga

Other programme

  • Yoga
Get limber and strong from the start of your day with morning yoga. World Village Festival’s morning yoga is sure to keep you dancing into the evening!