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During the weekend 80 000 people visited World Village Festival. Thank you! The next festival will be held 30-31 May 2015.

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The Food Vendor of the Year 2014 is AFAES!

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In a popular vote, festival visitors chose the Africans and African-Europeans Association AFAES as the winner. Congratulations!

There were many horses

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The main guest of World Books 2014 is Brazilian author Luiz Ruffato, whose most famous work There were many horses is a hypnotizing novel about a single day in the bustling metropolis of São Paulo.

The Open Finland Tent brings services to World Citizens

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For the first time this year, the Open Finland tent at the World Village Festival gathers various providers of services offering information and activities to immigrants: authorities, organisations and educational institutions.

Songs of Joy and Revolution

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The pioneer of fusion music blends reggae, salsa, rumba, blues and everything in between into a smooth and elaborate mix of genres. On the other hand Latin rhythms form the structure in her music production.

Celso Piña (MEX)


  • Cumbia
  • Hiphop
  • Reggae
  • Ska
Celso Piña is a natural mix of traditional Latin music and more modern music trends such as hip hop and reggae. The ambassador of cumbia music has numerous hits and over twenty albums, which have sold over a million copies in Mexico.


Kids' Programme

  • Children's Music
What do we find in the treasure chest of Samae Koskinen? Will we end up in the land of Rauhantäti's wicked witch or in Mira Luoti's magical forest? Does the car get stuck at the garage or will Anna Puu be the next star of demolition derby?

Climate Tent

Factual Programme and Literature

The Climate Tent offers Keys to Stop Climate Change! Come and find out what your ecological status is and discover ways to prevent climate change.

Luiz Ruffato: Football, Brazilian Society and Culture (BRA)

Factual Programme and Literature

Brazilian contemporary author Luiz Ruffato talks about football, the upcoming World Cup, Brazilian society and culture.

Indigenous People Today & Notions on the Mexican Zapatistas (MEX)

Factual Programme and Literature

Indigenous people live in different kinds of societies but they often face very similar problems linked to power relations and history. How have Mexican Zapatistas and other indigenous people been able to resolve the problems they face?

Tuure Kilpeläinen ja Kaihon Karavaani


  • Folk
  • Pop
In the tunes created by Tuure Kilpeläinen ja Kaihon Karavaani a life lived, experienced and heard is transformed into tangible and deeply compassionate popular music.

Hugh Masekela – Playing At Work (RSA)


  • Jazz
The world-renowned trumpeter, composer and singer Hugh Masekela is a legend, a pioneer for African jazz and a multitalented musician.

Four Cats


  • Schlager
  • Jazz
This nostalgic quartet takes you back to the golden 1960s. These timeless classics performed by a pioneer of translated schlager tracks, still reach people of all ages.

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