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Leif Laaksonen

World Village Festival is a free festival for the whole family, held at the end of May each year. The event is open to all and a meeting place offering tastes of different cultures and surprises from all over the world. The festival has been organised since 1995.

There is approximately 80 000 festival visitors every year.

Take a look at the Festival magazine 2017 (pdf).

The 2018 theme is the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Cultures from all over the world meet again in the centre of Helsinki on 26–27 May 2018 on Saturday at 11-21 and on Sunday at 11-19. The theme of the 2018 festival the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The festival offers world views and possibilities, as well as music, circus, dance, theatre, art and activities. It offers new perspectives on tolerant multiculturalism, development cooperation, global issues and expanding one's possibilities for affecting everyday life.

Promotional video tells the story of the festival

Watch the promotional video to see what the festival is all about.


The main organiser of World Village Festival is Kepa, which is an umbrella organisation for nearly 300 development organisations or other CSOs working on issues concerning development and globalisation. Kepa itself is a politically and ideologically non-aligned organisation that operates with funding from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Over 450 other partners are involved in the festival – some 400 CSOs as well as educational institutions, museums, public authorities and businesses.

Check out the history of the festival to see how it all began.

World Village Festival takes place in Kaisaniemi Park and Railway Square in Helsinki on the last weekend of May.
There are about 400 exhibitors at the festival. NGO's, CSOs, educational institutions, governmental organisations, bazaar and food vendors introduce their operations.
World Village Festival carries its environmental responsibility through the EcoCompass environmental system. With small efforts, the audience can also reduce the festival's environmental load.
Here you can find frequently asked questions about the festival. When and where is the festival? Is the area accessible with a wheelchair? Is there a cloakroom or a child care room?
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Learn about the history of the festival and check out who has performed there previous years.