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Green Festival

Inka Soveri

When it comes to environmental awareness and sustainable development, World Village Festival has taken these things to heart. Each year we aim to minimise our carbon footprint, which has been taken into consideration in both planning and producing the festival. With the hope of reaching best results yet, we challenge both audience and exhibitors to take part in our mission for a more sustainable future. Caring for the planet is our common goal and responsibility. A comprehensive environmental approach makes for a pleasant and responsible festival experience.

Tips for a greener festival

  • Food. Go veggie! Vegetarian food is a considerably smaller strain on the environment than food containing meat. All of the festival's 60 food vendors have committed to offer at least one vegetarian option in their menu. In addition to this, the food vendors have been encouraged to favour organic and locally produced ingredients as well as fair trade products.
  • Waste. The festival has an efficient waste sorting system. There are seven recycling points at the festival site with recycling assistants helping with sorting the waste. Please use the trash bins and recycle! All the disposable tableware used at the festival are biodegradable. 
  • Transportation. The festival site can be easily accessed by public transport, bike or foot. The surroundings of Kaisaniemi Park and the Railway Square will be crowded during the festival weekend, which will make parking even more difficult than normally. Driving and finding a parking space will be difficult.
  • Water. Bring your own water bottle! It’s important to drink enough water on a warm day, and carrying one’s own bottle is more ecological than using paper or plastic cups. There are three water points on the festival grounds where bottles can be re-filled.
  • Take action. World Village Festival provides a great opportunity to familiarise oneself and get involved with the environmental activities of various organisations. Information, practical tips, and new ideas are easy to find at the festival.
  • Spread the word. By telling your friends and following these tips yourself, you are making this festival more enjoyable for everyone and helping to create a more ecologically friendly World Village Festival.

Responsible event production

World Village Festival carries its environmental responsibility through the EcoCompass environmental system. The main goals of the festival’s environmental programme include:

  • developing waste management and recycling practices
  • enhancing energy efficiency and green electricity production
  • taking into account environmental and social factors in procurements
  • favouring responsible subcontractors and service providers
  • reducing and optimising production-related transports

In addition the festival aims to increase the environmental awareness of the audience, exhibitors and other stakeholders.

Why is recycling important?

  • Biodegradable waste is used to produce compost soil, which is used for instance in green construction.
  • Energy waste is used to produce recycled fuel, which is used in energy production to replace fossil fuels.
  • Recycled paper is mainly used for manufacturing newsprint paper.
  • Recycled cardboard is used for manufacturing carton, especially raw material for core board (e.g. kitchen roll cores).
  • Trees are saved by recycling carton, cardboard and paper.
  • Metal can be recycled almost endlessly. Metal is used for making raw material for new metal products.
  • Recycled glass is used to produce glass packages and glass wool.