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Antti Lustila

Seeking street art performances for the festival

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Mon 13.3.2017 09.50

Interested in performing street art, music, dance or even theatre? Are you looking for a venue and an audience for your performance?

World Village Festival is offering a venue for performance art.

The festival’s Street Art Area is a space for different kinds of performances, from drum circles, acrobatics, juggling and bands to dance, theatre and singing. Practically, your act can be anything that can be done acoustically and on the street level, as there is no raised stage or electricity. We welcome groups, duos and solo artists who can excite the crowd and contribute to the festival’s positive atmosphere.

The Street Art Area is located at the southern end of the fountain at Kaisaniemi Park, opposite the National Theatre’s Willensauna entrance. Performances are not paid, but the artists may put down a tip jar at the venue. Other forms of soliciting the audience for money is not allowed, however.

If you’re interested, let us know about you or your group at katutaideatmaailmakylassa [dot] fi. Please include your contact details and the relevant facts of your performance: the size of your group and the type and duration of your performance. There are a limited number of slots available at the venue, so sign up now! Sign-ups are open until 12 May 2017.