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Leif Laaksonen

World Village Festival offers partner organisations an unique opportunity to reach people interested in global affairs, multiculturalism, urban culture and civil society organisations. This is no small number of people. Global social responsibility, sustainable development and global education are important to the inhabitants of Helsinki.

For hte civil society organisations the festival provides an ideal arena to carry out communications work, campaign, raise member and volunteer interest and carry out fundraising activities.

For companies and governmental organisations the festival offers positive visibility. By collaborating with the festival, a company can enforce their commitment to corporate social responsibility and communicate their commitment. The festival gives governmental organisations a chance to reach out to the public, as well as connecting with target groups that would otherwise be unattainable or hard to reach.

Surveys show that a majority of our festival-goers are socially-conscious, well-educated, ethically-inclined metropolitan area inhabitants. We give you the opportunity to reach these people.

Ways of participating

There are several ways to take part in World Village Festival: one can participate as an exhibitor,  a food vendor or a programme producer.  We offer workshops and informational events for CSOs and exhibitors throghout the year. These are ideal for exchanging ideas and planning the approaching festival.

Advertising in the festival magazine and on the festival area's big screens are good ways of reaching out to the festival audience and organisations present.

Furthermore, we do tailored cooperation with numerous organisations.

We welcome everyone to the Village! Please see our contact details for getting in touch with the right people.

Visitor and exhibitor surveys 2017

The visitor and exhibitor surveys are yearly conducted by students from Laurea University of Applied Sciences. The surveys are available only in Finnish.

Promotional video tells the story of the festival

Watch the promotional video filmed at the 2012 festival to see what the festival is all about. Starring Elena Leeve and Jussi Nikkilä.

Main partners 2017

European Union, Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Finland and Ben & Jerry's have ensured their status as main partners of World Village Festival 2017.

The exhibitor registration for World Village Festival 2017 starts in December.
Each year several CSOs and other organisations take part in the production of the festival programme, conduct small info sessions, host international guests and produce artist performances.
World Village Festival organises several workshops and meetings both in the autumn and in the spring. Check out the dates.
Download the festival banners and use on your organization’s web site when creating links to World Village Festival festival’s web site.