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Programme cooperation

Antti Lustila

Every year, many civil society organisations and other organisations participate in producing the festival’s programme, for example by inviting international spekers, hosting discussions or by producing artist performances.

The main theme of the 2017 festival is civil society, with a focus on its role, possibilities and future developments. The regional focus is on Latin America. The festival’s opening hours have been extended by an hour on both days, allowing us to fit even more activities over the weekend.

The Programme Manager makes final decisions on programme suggestions. Decisions will favour the festival’s annual themes and the timeliness of the suggestion.

Factual programme cooperation

Parties interested in factual programme cooperation may produce discussions, interviews or panels and thus gain greater visiblity for their themes and campaigns.

A factual programme producer is responsible for the content, participants and running of their programme, as well as for organising interpreting if necessary. A programme producer is also responsible for the expenses related to their programme such as performers' fees, travel and accomodation.

Kepa provides factual programme producers with A/V equipment and stages, compiles communications materials for the event, communicates with media about the event and markets the event through several channels. Kepa also offers a warm meal for speakers on the day of the event. The programme producer is also made visible in the event’s communication.

The search for factual programme proposals for 2017 has ended.

Films and documentaries

Films and documentaries about societal themes along with related discussions and interviews are shown at the International Cultural Centre Caisa throughout the festival weekend. The film programme is selected in co-operation with film festivals operating in the Capitol Region. The search for films and documentaries for 2017 has ended.

Cultural programme cooperation

Cultural programme producers can produce events like musical performances, smaller-scale dance or theatre performances as well as children’s programming.

A cultural programme producer must participate in the negotiations with the artist or open the negotiations between the artist and Kepa. A producer is primarily responsible for the expenses of the programme, including the artists’ fees, travel and accomodation. In some cases, Kepa may also share some of the expenses with the producer.

A cultural programme producer benefits from the use of the festival’s comprehensive communications channels, through which the programme and programme-producing parties are promoted.

The search for cultural programmes for 2017 has ended.