Has the Arab Spring neglected the Youth? | World Village Festival

Has the Arab Spring neglected the Youth? (TUN)

  • Sun 27.5.2012 13.00–13.30 Mekong Stage

The youth were at the forefront of the Arab Spring revolutions. However, in the ongoing democratization process, they have been widely ignored. A significant amount of the population of Arab countries consists of young people and thus it is crucial that the voice of the youth is heard. The enthusiasm seen during the revolutions was not enough to activate the youth in political parties and during the elections.

Can social media inspire the youth to take part in politics? Are the same methods applicable both in North Africa and in Finland? These issues will be discussed by Tunisian blogger and activist Yassine Ayari and Finnish politicians Aki Ruotsala, Eila Tiainen, Jani Toivola, Nils Torvalds and Juha Väätäinen. The discussion is moderated by journalist Annika Damström.

Puolueiden kansainvälinen demokratiayhteistyö DEMO ry

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