Will North Africa accept EU's friend request? | World Village Festival

Will North Africa accept EU's friend request? (TUN)

  • Sat 26.5.2012 11.00–11.30 Mekong Stage

Until last spring, the EU promoted stability in Northern Africa, thus supporting authoritarian governments, which were later overthrown. Since the “Arab Spring”, the EU has highlighted democracy and civil society empowerment as core conditions for its support. How is this EU’s U-turn received in North Africa? Will democracy be supported regardless of election results? How can the EU support democratic development in North Africa and the new generation of political activism? How are women involved in this process? How does a young Tunisian blogger activist see the role of the EU in his country’s future? Will North African countries accept new strategy of the EU? The topic will be discussed by Finland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Erkki Tuomioja and Tunisian activist Yassine Ayari.

Kehitysyhteistyöjärjestöjen EU-yhdistys Kehys ry

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