Sabreena Da Witch | World Village Festival

Sabreena Now Productions

Sabreena Da Witch (PLE/USA)

  • Sat 26.5.2012 17.10–17.40 Mekong Stage

Abir Alzenate, better known by her stage name Sabreena Da Witch, is a unique phenomenon among rap artists. She is a young Palestinian woman from Israel whose lyrics are written in Arabic and speak of life in a Palestine torn by war and violence. Through her music Sabreena wishes to draw attention to the position and role of women in a patriarchal and society. Born and raised in Israel, Sabreena Da Witch currently resides in Baltimore. She says she has realized that making art is for her the only way of freely expressing herself and sharing her message of women’s rights and equality. Despite several challenges she has risen to be one of the best known names in her home country’s hip hop scene.

In 2010 Sabreena Da Witch released the album A Woman Under the Influence, which she also produced. After the release of the album she has been touring North-America and Europe. She has even earned herself the title of first woman in Palestinian R'n'B.

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