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Jani Leinonen

House of Democracy

  • Sat 26.5.2012 12.00 The Railway Square

This year the theme of World Village Festival is democracy. To celebrate our theme year of democracy, you will have an opportunity to influence the theme of the festival in 2013, and see if democracy really works in practice. You can try to make use of your right to vote at the voting circus that is House of Democracy , where the diverse range of voting scenarios are realized.

Free and honest elections are not to be taken for granted even though they are one of the key elements of democracy. Some estimates state that only half of the world’s population is able to vote in free and honest elections and thus affect their own environment through democratic means. Elections are not an automatic guarantee of democracy because results may be subject to various kinds of manipulation. In the House of Democracy you get a chance to see whether your voice will be heard.

The House of Democracy, set up in the Railway Square, is produced by Kepa and Political Parties of Finland for Democracy, Demo Finland – an international organisation of democratic cooperation. The voting circus is designed by artist Jani Leinonen, known for his Hunger King installation in Kamppi shopping center, the kidnapping of Ronald MacDonald as well as his use of themes adapted from Elovena cereal-boxes.

Kepa ry & Puolueiden kansainvälinen demokratiayhteistyö Demo ry

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