Perrozompopo | World Village Festival

Perrozompopo (CRC/NCA)

  • Sat 26.5.2012 12.55–13.15 Taiga Stage
  • Sat 26.5.2012 14.30–15.30 Savannah Stage

The roots of Nicaraguan-born Perrozompopo aka Ramon Mejía are entangled with music and political activism in many ways. In Nicaraguan music circles his last name evokes similar appreciation as Dylan in other parts of the world. Mejía’s brother is the nationally renowned salsa singer Luis Enrique and his uncle Carlos Mejía Godoy was known in the 70s as a folk and protest singer. Perrozompopo proudly continues along the way of his relatives. His lyrics talk about social injustice and exclusion, the image of our time and the poverty and warlike past of Nicaragua.

Influences from Latin-American music traditions, reggae, folk and hip hop can be heard in the background of Perrozompopo’s socially aware music. He began his career as a singer-songwriter in the first decade of the 2000s and has since released three albums. In 2010 Perrozompopo was nominated for the Latin Grammy for best alternative music album. His album Canciones Populares Contestatarias was made available for free download online with the support of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation giving everyone the opportunity to listen to the album.


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