Ethnopolis | World Village Festival

Alejandro Lorenzo

Ethnopolis (ALG/AUS/ESP/IRI/TAN)

  • Sun 27.5.2012 13.50–14.20 Mekong Stage

Ethnopolis plays urban ethno-fusion with influences from five continents. The group features Ali Amran (guitar and vocals) who modernises Berber music and has received international recognition and great popularity in his home country Algeria, Cinta Hermo (guitar and vocals) who was brought up surrounded by flamenco and has been a member of the multicultural group Piirpauke, as well as Marouf Majidi (tar and tambour) who was born in western Iran and takes influences from Kurdish music. Other musicians in the group include Menard Mponda (percussion and vocals) from Tanzania and Nathan Riki Thomson (double-bass) from Australia.

Three of the band’s musicians are studying in the GLOMAS master’s degree programme at Sibelius Academy. In its entirety the group was formed as a result of an encounter at an ethno evening in the Helsinki Arte Vivo series. On Mekong Stage at World Village Festival different members of the group will be performing pieces that take the listener on an intensive journey of sound to the ends of the earth.

Sibelius-Akatemian GLOMAS-koulutusohjelma & Uudenmaan taidetoimikunta

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