“Untouchable” Dalit women speak out! | World Village Festival

Dalitcamera Ambedkar

“Untouchable” Dalit women speak out! (IND)

  • Sun 25.5.2014 17.00–17.20 Taiga Stage

The women branded as “untouchables” are demanding to finally be seen. Asha Kowtal is leading a new generation of Dalit women in India in their fight against oppression and multiple discrimination. She is the General Secretary of the National Dalit Women’s movement and an expert on Dalit women’s issues in India.

Ms. Kowtal was recently a speaker at the 2014 Women in the World Summit in New York and has also spoken at many other high-profile international events. Facilitated by Dalit Solidarity Network in Finland.

The discussion is held in english.

Dalit Solidarity Network in Finland

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