Klezmofobia | World Village Festival

Susanne Hansen

Klezmofobia (DEN)

  • Sat 23.5.2015 17.40–18.30 Monsoon Stage

The starting point for Klezmofobia is Eastern European folk, to which they incorporate influences all the way from rock and ska to jazz and cabaret. The end product is progressive klezmer, sure to get the audience on their feet and into the movements of the chain dance.

The Danish band has released three albums, and their songs vary from the joyful to the melancholic and everything in between, as is often the case with klezmer. Founded in 2004, the group has toured all around the world, charming audiences with the immediacy of their performance. The ensemble respects and renews tradition, and there’s no lack of charisma on stage. When these six get going, expect improvisation and surprises.

Klezmofobia entertains the World Village Festival audience also at Kids' Corner on Saturday, 12.00–12.30. The Klezmo Circus features a ropewalking primadonna and singing and dancing with friends. The performance is suitable for all ages.

The performances are supported by the Finnish-Danish Foundation.

Klezmer, traditionally played within families

  • Klezmer is the folk music of Eastern European Jews. Traditionally, it is played among families.
  • The word klezmer is Yiddish for instruments or their players.
  • Klezmer contains influences from Eastern European and Balkan folk music.

Source: Wikipedia


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