Idiotape | World Village Festival


Idiotape (KOR)

  • Sat 28.5.2016 17.00–17.45 Savannah Stage

Idiotape drives the festival to trance-fueled vibrations. Hailing from Seoul, the three-man group is at the top of the indie and electronic music scene in South Korea. Throughout their eight-year existence, the trio has performed with a larger-than-life attitude. In 2009, only a year after the group’s formation, Idiotape performed on the stage of the renowned Global Gathering festival. Their fame has remained high since, including appearances at the largest festivals in North America, Europe and East Asia.

Two synthesisers and drums – Idiotape is composed of veteran DJ Dguru, composer Zeze and drummer DR. Influenced by Korean classic rock from the 1960s and 1970s, Idiotape’s sound is fresh and energetic. The group’s debut album 11111101 was released in 2010 and selected as the Best Dance & Electronic Album at the Korean Music Awards in 2012 and given Album of the Year honours by the Imagine Awards. Their second album, TOURS, was released in 2013. The ground at Kaisaniemi is certain to quake.


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