Che Sudaka | World Village Festival

Oscar Perales Oyeme

Che Sudaka (ARG/COL/ESP)

  • Sat 27.5.2017 14.30–14.50 Taiga Stage artist interview
  • Sat 27.5.2017 18.00–19.00 Savannah Stage

Che Sudaka have been using music to talk about society since 2002. The band’s lyrics comment and criticise prevailing power structures, and their music contains influences from South American popular culture and acts like The Clash and Mano Negra.

Hailing from Argentina and Colombia, Che Sudaka’s musicians promote the peaceful co-existence of all peoples and political decision making at a grass-roots level. The group’s members originated as illegal immigrants to Barcelona, and in the years since then they have toured forty countries and released seven albums, the latest of which appeared in the spring of 2017.

Che Sudaka is known for their lively performances and music that is a joyous combination of Colombian folk, cumbia, ska and punk: a show of solidarity, dancing and dreaming. It is only fitting, then, that the band’s motto is Bailar pensando – think as you dance.

Che Sudaka's interview will be held at Taiga Stage on May 27 at 14.30-14.50. Gaby Moreno's interview will be held on Taiga Stage on May 28 at 14.20-14.40. The interview is in English.


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