Aláfia | World Village Festival

Ste Frateschi

Aláfia (BRA)

  • Sun 28.5.2017 18.00–19.00 Savannah Stage

Cultural boundaries fade as the ten members of Aláfia combine Brazilian pop influences, rap lyrics and funk with the rhythms of the Candomblé religion. Through their lyrics, the group questions prevailing structures and sparks dialogue between social classes.

Aláfia takes great pride in their roots, and their highly danceable songs flirt with 1970s Carioca music as well as funk from Africa and North America. Following the release of their third album this spring, the group has taken their message abroad through a tour of a number of stages around Europe over the summer.

Candomblé is a mix of religions

  • Candomblé was born when slaves brought from Africa to Brazil fused parts of their own religions with the Catholic faith. Candomblé practitioners were persecuted in Brazil as late as the 1970s.
  • The Candomblé faith includes a supreme deity and its subordinate gods. These gods enter into the adherents of the religion through trance-like dances.
  • People look to Candomblé for help with illnesses or problems in their personal lives.

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