Afenginn | World Village Festival

Jacob Crawfurd

Afenginn (DEN)

  • Sun 28.5.2017 14.00–15.00 Savannah Stage

Afenginn’s mix of Nordic and Balkan folk and classical music traditions has earned the group a solid foothold on folk and rock festivals in both Europe and North America. The group has earned a number of prestigious awards in their native Denmark, and their sixth album Opus is without a doubt their most ambitious work to date.

The person responsible for the band’s compositions is Finnish-Swedish frontman Kim Nyberg, who wants music to offer long-lasting enjoyment in the era of Facebook videos and bite-sized writing. The combination of Swedish folk music, Polish folk dance rhythms and Kalevala metre does succeed in keeping listeners enthralled, while also offering plenty of food for thought.

Afenginn will also perform at the Kid's Corner.


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