Sámi literature travels to Latin America (FIN/MEX) | World Village Festival

Tarmo Lehtosalo / Jaime Culebro

Sámi literature travels to Latin America (FIN/MEX) (FIN/ESP)

  • Sat 27.5.2017 19.00–19.45 Amazon Stage

The poets of the Sivuvalo project translated poems by Inger-Mari Aikio’s and Niillas Holmberg from Sámi to Spanish. Aikio and Holmberg presented the book published as a result of this collaboration at a festival of indigenous languages in Mexico.

How do non-dominant language literatures work in the Nordic countries and in Latin America? Panelists include poet-translator Daniel Malpica (Mexico-Finland), poet Inger-Mari Aikio (Sámi, Finland) and moderator Outi Korhonen. The discussion is in English.

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