Kuvassa väkijoukkoa Maailma kylässä -festivaalilla
Kuva: Anastasija Kaert


World Village is an accessible urban festival open to everyone. We aim to ensure that we communicate in an accessible and understandable manner, and improve the accessibility of the festival every year.  

Accessibility of the festival site 

In summer 2022, the festival is moving to a new site – the Suvilahti event venue in Helsinki. Ground in the new venue is mostly concrete or hard sand, which makes moving around the festival with a wheelchair easier, even in the case of rain.  

You can enjoy the shows on the main stage from the wheelchair podium. Exhibitor tents will be equipped with ramps and the Market of Possibilities is located inside Kattilahalli, which is also easily accessible with a wheelchair.  

The Kid’s Corner, picnic area and Street Art Area all have some grass, but accessibility to these areas is also guaranteed with pathways made of rubber carpeting.  

The Kid’s Corner has a tent for workshops which is not stroller accessible due to fire safety regulations. Strollers can be left outside of the tent in the stroller park area. The tent is open to visitors using a wheelchair, and security personnel will be happy to assist anyone who might need help. Any potential shows that will be organized in the Kid’s Corner will be done outside, so these are easily accessible for everyone.  

The new festival site will also feature more accessible restroom facilities. Accessible indoor restrooms are located near restaurant TBA, the Speaker’s Stage in Tiivistämö, and the Market of Possibilities in Kattilahalli. There will be a minimum of four accessible portable toilets and their location will be clearly marked on the festival map. The accessible restroom located next to the Kid’s Corner will also have a changing table available.  

Service dogs are welcome at the festival site. Just keep in mind that the noise and large masses of people might not be suitable for animals.  

Indoor stages 

All the indoor spaces of the festival are also wheelchair accessible. The entrances are either accessible as they are, or a ramp will be installed to ensure accessibility. There is an elevator to enter the Cinema movie theatre, and the wheelchair seats are located in the front row.  

The Speaker’s Stage uses an induction loop / hearing loop amplifier that transfers the sound from the microphone past the background noise to a hearing aid or hearing implant. The seating area has plenty of room for wheelchairs, and security personnel are happy to assist as needed.  

Festival communications 

The festival has attempted to take visual impairments into account as efficiently as possible. The font and contrast of the text on the festival website is quite large, and the information is also readable with a reading device.  

The festival signage, maps and other symbols will also be made as clear as possible through font and contrast selections. We aim to use clear communications in Finnish and English on the festival website and the festival area.  

If you notice any issues with the accessibility of the festival, please reach out to the Communications Manager or Production Manager of the festival. Our goal is to ensure that the festival is an accessible and pleasant experience for everyone, and we welcome any suggestions on how we can improve accessibility and overall experience for all festival visitors.  

The preliminary exhibitor map can be accessed on the exhibitor webpage. The final map will be published in April and all information related to accessibility issues will be included in more detail.