Picture of people at the festival area.
Photo: Camilla Hanhirova


Every year World Village Festival attracts tens of thousends visitors over the weekend. As a partner, you are a visible ally in working for a just world. Partners have an opportunity to reach our audience of thousands of people interested in global solidarity, multiculturalism, civil society action and ethical consumption.

Organisations benefit from partnership in many ways:

  • The festival is an excellent place to gain new members, attract volunteers or bolster their self-financing.
  • Authorities and other organisations can use the festival to get in touch with citizens as well as target groups that are harder to reach otherwise.
  • For companies, the festival provides an opportunity talk about their corporate responsibility efforts and to strengthen their image as a societal actor.
  • Media partners can reach tens of thousands of active citizens at the event and the communication around it.
  • Through festival communications you will be part of action throughout the spring.

The new World Village Festival: Information session 30.9.2020

World Village Festival will experience some changes from 2021 onwards. On 30.9.2020 we held an information session for stakeholders to present festival’s new strategy, area plan, programme goals, partnering possibilities, exhibitor and other stakeholder cooperation, communication and the most interesting results of the visitor and mental image surveys.

The new World Village Festival presentation 30.9.20202 (pdf)

How to participate?

There are several ways to get involved. As an exhibitor, you can present your organisation’s work, whether it’s at a standard stand or an impressive large exhibitor stand. You can also participate in producing talks or the cultural programme.

Advertisement space is available in the festival magazine, which reaches tens of thousands around the Capital Region in May, and on the large screens placed on the festival area over the weekend. Our various cooperation packages may also be tailored to your needs.

The price list will offer more information on partner packages, branding areas, exhibitor stands and advertising spaces.

You can also make factual and cultural programme proposals for the festival. Read more of programme cooperation.

During the year, the festival hosts workshops and briefing events that provide an opportunity to exchange ideas, build networks and make future plans with others.

Looking to take part? See our contact details and get in touch!

Visitor and exhibitor surveys from the 2019 festival

World Village Festival’s visitors and exhibitors are surveyed every year by students from Humak and Arcada University of Applied Sciences as part of their thesis work. These studies can be support you in planning your organisation’s participation to the festival.