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Kuva: Saara Kivimäki

Programme cooperation

Every year, CSO’s and other organisations participate in producing programme to the festival. Join us by inviting international speakers, hosting a topical discussion or film or by producing an exhibition, a concert or programme for children.

Factual programme cooperation

Factual programme proposals for 2021 can be sent in October-November 2020.

Films and documentaries

The festival programme includes topical films and documentaries about global themes along with related discussions and interviews.

Culture programme cooperation

Culture programme producers can produce children’s programme, exhibitions and workshops.

The culture programme producer participates in negotiations with the artist or opens the negotiations between the artist and the festival. The producer is primarily responsible for the expenses of the programme, including the artists’ fees, travel and accommodation. In some cases, the festival may also share some of the expenses with the producer.

A culture programme producer benefits from the use of the festival’s comprehensive communications channels, through which the programme and programme-producing parties are promoted.

Applications for 2021 will open by the end of 2020.


Concert proposals for 2021 will open by the end of 2020.