Asiaohjelmapaneeli lavalla
Kuva: Saara Kivimäki

Programme cooperation

We no longer accept programme proposals for the 2021 festival. Open call for proposals for festival of 2022 will start in October 2021.

There are many different ways to partner with World Village Festival, for example through the festival programme. Those interested in programme partnership should familiarize themselves with the presentation materials (pdf) from the information session held for festival stakeholders.  

We are especially looking for programme suggestions that focus on development and global issues, are linked to the annual main theme and inspire people to act for a just world.   

The selected programme partners are usually responsible for the programme content and participants, including programme rundown and possible interpretation. The programme producer is usually also responsible for the costs related to the programme, such as performer’s rights, travel costs, accommodation and salaries. In some situations, the festival may participate in covering costs.  

The festival provides the required setting and technical equipment as well as support for programme production, training and information sessions for the selected programme partners. Programme partners also gain visibility in the festival programme.  

Talks and discussions 

Talks and discussions are held at the Speaker’s Stage located in Tiivistämö, at the Suvilahti event venue. Talks and discussions will vary from 15 minutes to 30 minutes in length. All talks and discussions are also live-streamed online. When making programme selections, preference is given to programme linked to the annual main theme (preferably no panel discussions). Programme selections are made by 15 January 2021.  

Cinema-programme’s films and documentaries 

Films will be screened at Cirko event venue during the festival weekend. Preference is given to full length films that are linked to the annual main theme, and related discussions or interviews that are organized as part of the film screening. Selections are made by 15 January 2021.  

Cultural programme partnerships 

Organisations can also make suggestions for kid’s programme, exhibitions, workshops, performances and other cultural programme numbers. Our hope is that the cultural programme is also linked to the future-theme as much as possible. Selections are made by 15 February 2021.