A group of musicians on a rooftop.
Photo: Heikki Nummi

Francosun & The Family ft. Jimi Tenor (BEN/FIN)

Saturday 29.05.2021 14.15-15.15
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Helsinki-based Francosun & The Family combines 1970s and 1980s afrobeat from Benin and Nigeria and wins over their listeners’ hearts with the rhythm-filled music. The founder and lead performer of the band, Franck Koumolou aka Frankosun, was born in the birthplace of voodoo, to a nago-family in Benin. The influence of voodoo and local rhythms are also present in the music of this ten-person ensemble.

The debut album of Francosun & The Family was released in April 2020. The band’s second album is under way in collaboration with the Finnish music legend Jimi Tenor. Their show at World Village Festival will feature the band’s new songs, and a live album will also be recorded of the performance. Join the online show and enjoy the recording of the album.

”Understanding the notion, equality has been the driving force behind our musical sojourn. Before migrating to Finland I grew up in a society where women are viewed and seen only as vessels for bearing children and confined to the four walls of domestic capacity. Remembering seeing my mother and several of her peers subjected to these situations brings sorrow to my heart; so many dreams, visions, unspoken ideas and aspirations have been shattered due to male chauvinism that runs deep in the society. I will forever appreciate Finland where women are seen as a pride of the nation, controlling the helm of affairs. Equality should not be a mere word but a norm that every civilised society should practice and live by its principles in regard of race, creed and religion. Everyone should be treated equally. That is a course I will continue to champion through our music.” – Franck Koumolou

You can watch the programme also after the festival weekend until 4.6. at the festival platform. After signing in, choose the programme you want to watch from the video stream by clicking one of the small blue buttons. You can switch to watch a stream from a different stage or a different day from the Stages menu.  

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