Nainen hymyilee kameralle, taustalla Välimeren kartta.

Identities of the Future

Saturday 29.05.2021 18.30-19.00

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How will being “Finnish” change in the future? Will it still matter where are you from? Who will belong to “us” and where can we grow the roots for the new cultural identity? Will we be able to welcome the growing diversity with an open mind, to give room for differences?

Tricky questions, thoughts, and analysis about belonging, cultural identities and change in the global world will be provided by Talk the Talk 2020 finalist Romayne Javangwe. Javangwe has lived in six countries on four continents and now she is looking for answers to questions she has had on her mind through her whole life. Javangwe’s speech is complemented with Nahla Hewidy’s stage poetry and photographs.

This programme is part of Vikes Foundation’s I am European project supported by the European Commission. A study on youth’s attitudes on migration conducted in the beginning of the project as well youth’s ideas about fair Finland gathered as part of the project’s social media campaign, have been utilized in the speech writing process

Both English and Finnish are used during the programme.

You can watch the programme also after the festival weekend until 4.6. at the festival platform. After signing in, choose the programme you want to watch from the video stream by clicking one of the small blue buttons. You can switch to watch a stream from a different stage or a different day from the Stages menu.  

Romayne Javangwe

Romayne Javangwe is an empowerment speaker and self-worth enthusiast. She describes herself as a curious and adventurous global citizen, who is passionate about helping people overcome self limiting mindsets. Romayne, who has lived in 6 countries across 4 continents, loves to spend her free time enjoying travel, food and culture. She is also the founder of Esteem Global, a passion project empowering women and their dreams to thrive.

Nahla Hewidy

Nahla Hewidy is an artist and an activist as well as one of the founding members of Young Muslims association.