Lakou Mizik, 9 haitian musicians with their instruments next to a red brick building.
Photo: Daniel Schechner

Lakou Mizik (HTI)

Saturday 29.05.2021 17.15-18.00

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Haitian Lakou Mizik will fill the stage with energetic and joyful reggae rhythms flavored with creoli lyrics and Caribbean attitude. In the wake of Haiti’s devastating earthquake, the band came together to show the world that their country was much more than the sum of headlines that were being shot around the globe. Today the band is one of Haiti’s hottest musical exports, with a broad international fan base.  

Lakou Mizik’s show will be filmed in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. The country is in the middle of political turmoil, with gang warfare keeping even musicians home and off the streets – but the band’s positive energy and deep love and pride for their country is undiminished and jumps out of their music and performance. Lakou Mizik wants to use their music to fight against racism and increase equality and understanding among people. 

The programme is available online also after the festival weekend 31.5.–4.6.2021.  

“Haiti is a country known for being the home of the first successful slave revolution. Sadly over 200 years later racism is still causing pain and promoting inequality throughout the world. We use our music as a way to bridge the divides – communicate across false boundaries and bring people together with empathy and compassion” 

Lakou Mizik
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