A child, looking over a man's shoulder.
Photo: National Geographic

Lost and Found

Sunday 30.05.2021 12.50-13.20

Is produced by

The UN Association of Finland

700 000 Rohingya refugees. Thousands of lost family members.

Lost and Found, a short documentary film directed by the award winning Orlando von Einsiedel, tells a story of Kamal Hussein who has dedicated his life to reuniting lost children with their parents at the Rohingya refugee camps. In the midst of those who have been targeted by the ethnic cleansings perpetrated by the Myanmar military, Hussein brings hope not only to the children and families who are reunited, but to himself as well.

Lost and Found has received numerous awards in several film festivals. Director Orlando von Einsiedel is known for the Oscar-winning short film The White Helmets and for his documentary Virunga, which received Emmy, Peabody, Grieson and duPont-Columbia awards, among others.

After the film viewers can listen in on a discussion between speakers from UN Association of Finland, UN Refugee Agency UNHCR and International Organization for Migration (IOM). Experts from these organizations will discuss the world refugee status, particularly from the perspective of children.

You can watch the film until 4.6.2021 or until it reaches the limit of 500 views on the festival’s Cinema stage. Due to copyright, you must sign in again to watch the film.

Bangladesh | Great Britain, 2019 
Orlando von Einsiedel
Language: Bengali, Burmese
Subtitles: English (partially subtitled)
No recommended age
Length: 22min