Promotional photo of Nicole Willis
Photo: Marcus Boman

Nicole Willis & Gospel Helsinki (USA, FIN)

Is produced by

Lutheran Church in Helsinki

Nicole Willis, the Brooklyn-born singer and producer known as “The Queen of Retro Soul”, will perform in a one-of-a-kind concert with the Gospel Helsinki Choir. 

Willis began her career as a backup singer but has been performing as a solo artist since the early 1990s. Throughout the years her musical repertoire has included acid jazz, soul revival, house, trip hop, funk, soul and future disco. Willis, who has been living in Helsinki since 2004, is particularly known for her world renowned album Keep Reachin’ Up as well as for the Cola & Jimmu recordings done in collaboration with Jimi Tenor.

Gospel Helsinki, an open minded and bold gospel choir, brings together singers interested in gospel music from all around the capital area. The choir is conducted by Niina Pakkanen, a Master of Music and cantor from the parish of Töölö. Her faith in music’s ability to cross borders and set people free has grown stronger during her career, side by side with her interest in classical music.

If the festival happens virtually, the concert will be streamed.