Shkoon on stage, photo taken from behind, dark and blue light, audience in the background.

Shkoon (GER/SYR)

Saturday 29.05.2021 20.00-21.00

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German-Syrian band Shkoon plays electronic deep house, down beat and dub. They combine Arabic and western musical influences in their work. The band’s debut album, released in 2019, conveys a message about cultural diversity and brings down cultural barriers.

The singer Ameen arrived in Germany because of the war in Syria. He met the band’s producer-pianist Thorben in Hampur in 2015 and after a spontaneous jam session, Shkoon was born. Not long after, the band found themselves playing shows around the world. The music has been winning over audiences and united people from different backgrounds and religions.

The programme is available online also after the festival weekend 31.5.–4.6.2021.

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