A princess, a robot, a person in a hospital gown, and a little boy with a top hat dancing.
Photo: Johanna Repo

Skidit Disko World Tour

Sunday 30.05.2021 11.00-11.45

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All together! The Skidit Disko World Tour (“Kids Disco World Tour”) will transport you to a visual musical journey, because you are the one who has the power to change things and take us towards a better world. Let’s take a moment to dance together, respecting each other, in friendship. Let music be the force that joins us from our own living rooms, parks or school classrooms.

Put on your headphones, or grab your speakers and head to a nearby park! This journey will include storytelling, funny characters, dance lessons and the musical world of DJ Orkidea. MC Aino will inspire everyone to play, VJ Vixen’s art will blow you away, and you can expect fun and excitement all around! Come join us – peace, love, unity and respect!

“We are all about a more playful life. We believe in being silly and funny, and in enchanted moments of play and exploration. Adventure can start at any moment! You have to get yourself off the floor and move into the stars, up to the sky. They who find the courage to embark on this journey will understand that every child has their very own unique and artistic perspective – and they all have a right to express that.”

Aino Heikkinen and Sanna Mander, Skidit -collective
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