Young woman in a red dress sings by the sea shore.

Small Island Big Song -documentary film

Saturday 29.05.2021 18.50-20.15

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Following ancient ocean highways and modern music, Small Island Big Song -documentary film brings together small island states that are experiencing a shared crisis. Musicians across the islands from Madagascar to Easter Island and from Tahiti to Hawaii, filmed in the breathtaking natural environments surrounded by sounds of nature, share a heartfelt plea for those fighting in the frontlines of climate change in order to preserve their traditions, their culture and their homes.

Over 5000 years ago seafarers set sail and started a journey that over the course of several generations would end up covering over half of the surface of the earth. The people and cultures of the Island states of the Pacific and Indian oceans are still united through their shared close relationship with the surrounding ocean and the musical traditions that stem from their shared roots. Long before written language, singing and music were used to spread information about sustainable ways of living and respect for nature.

Small Island Big Song is a musical and film production spearheaded by Taiwanese BaoBao Chen and Australian Tim Cole. The project was completed over several years across tens of islands in the Indian and Pacific oceans, in collaboration with hundreds of musicians. World Village Festival will feature the film, as well as a compilation of music shows filmed on several different islands.

Prior to the screening of the film, the filmmakers will present the project.

You can watch the film until 4.6.2021 or until it reaches the limit of 500 views on the festival’s Cinema stage. Due to copyright, you must sign in again to watch the film.

Taiwan|Australia, 2020 
Tim Cole 
Language: Austronesian languages
Subtitles: English
No recommended age
Length: 1h 23min 

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