A group of artists wearing outfits of their indigenous origin on a large festival stage.
Photo: Small Island Big Song

Small Island Big Song (TWN/PYF/MDG/MUS)

Sunday 30.05.2021 16.45-17.45
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Artists from Taiwan, Mauritius, Tahiti, and Madagascar take the listener on a journey through the Island states of the Indian and Pacific oceans. Their music shares a message about the things that unite them – the musical traditions stemming from their cultural roots and their shared fight against the destructive force of climate change.

The Small Island Big Song -concert, which has been produced exclusively for World Village Festival, brings together artists from different islands. Music, spoken word and the musical ensemble filmed in the natural habitat and soundscape of the islands showcase the unique ecosystem and cultural traditions of the islands in a way that has never been seen before.

Small Island Big Song is a musical and film production by Taiwanese BaoBao Chen and Australian Tim Cole. In addition to the concert, World Village Festival also shows the Small Island Big Song -documentary film.

You can watch the programme also after the festival weekend until 4.6. at the festival platform. After signing in, choose the programme you want to watch from the video stream by clicking one of the small blue buttons. You can switch to watch a stream from a different stage or a different day from the Stages menu.  

Sauljaljui 戴曉君 – Taiwan

Lead vocal, nose flute, jaw harp, moon lute, guitar

In 2009 a typhoon devastated Sauljaljui’s village and community, her response was to write “Lament of Colored Cloth” a song which enabled the village to unite their tragedy and recover, winning a prestigious songwriters award in Taiwan. Two albums and countless international concerts later, Sauljaljui is just as dedicated to her Paiwan community, directing an annual cultural festival, being the first female leader in her community youth group, and contributing to the community’s cultural canon

Emlyn – Mauritius

Lead vocal, dancer, ravann, triangle, kayamb, guitar

Written with a reactive pen and sung in Creole, Emlyn’s songs rebelliously express her concerns for her island’s environment. In addition to her musical career, Emlyn is a co-founder of Enn Losean Vivab, a Mauritius based organisation educating school students about plastic waste. Emlyn brings the infectious grooves of Sega with its soul from the African slave trade to the stage played on the Ravann, Triangle and Kayamb.

Nainen istuu kasvien seassa käsissään rumpu tai tamburiini ja päässään iso hattu.

Putad – Taiwan

Lead vocal, bass, nose flute, jaw harp, bamboo instruments

In the proud spirit of her Indigenous Amis heritage Putad unites ancient vocal traditions with raw energy of grunge, rock and punk. Her music brings on stage themes of social injustice and prejudices with her soaring voice, rock bass and her coastal Amis ancestry and love for the ocean.

Vaiteani – Tahiti/France

Lead vocal, ukulele, guitar, percussions

Vaiteani is the lead singer songwriter of the Polynesian group bearing her name. They combine elements of Soul, Folk and Polynesian tradition and perform songs to their homeland Tahiti, gaining inspiration from its people and nature.

Sammy – Madagascar

Lead vocal, valiha, kabosy, jejy, flutes, marovany, guitar

At a time when most people picked up guitars over the traditional Valiha, Sammy Andriamalalaharijaona followed his passion for Madagascar’s musical heritage, by mastering and learning how to make most of Madagascar’s instruments. He has been active in his local musical scene since the 1980’s learning and developing the islands’ musical tradition. His group Tarika Sammy was acknowledged as one of the world’s best 10 bands by TIME Magazine in 2001.

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