People in a sandstorm.
Photo: Outi Neuvonen

When climate forces to flee

Sunday 30.05.2021 12.30-12.50

Is produced by

Finnish Refugee Council

For the first time since World War II, the number of people who have had to flee their homes is at its peak, nearly 80 million displaced people worldwide. Climate change will inevitably affect people’s living conditions on earth and increase the number of migrants.  

In the programme of Finnish Refugee Council, specialists will present each in just four minutes their scenarios of the future in which climate change has forced even more people to migrate. How do natural disasters affect migration and how can societies be more prepared to welcome the newcomers?  

Speakers include Finnish Refugee Council’s Head of Public Affairs Katja Mannerströn, Finnish Red Cross’ Advocacy and Communications Officer Pekka Reinikainen, a researcher Élise Lépy, whose research focuses on the relationship between humans and the environment and Ann-Christin Pilviö, who works as a Business Development Manager at IKEA Finland.

The programme includes both Finnish and English. 

You can watch the programme also after the festival weekend until 4.6. at the festival platform. After signing in, choose the programme you want to watch from the video stream by clicking one of the small blue buttons. You can switch to watch a stream from a different stage or a different day from the Stages menu.  

Katja Mannerström 

Katja Mannerström is the Head of Public Affairs at the Finnish Refugee Council and a social psychologist. The purpose of her work is to ensure that the human rights of refugees are realized both in Finland and around the world.  

Pekka Reinikainen 

Pekka Reinikainen is Advocacy and Communications Officer at the Finnish Red Cross. He has worked with issues related to climate change for 15 years. Working from Geneva and Helsinki, his work focuses on both existing and future humanitarian crises.  

Élise Lépy 

Élise Lépy works as a researcher at the University of Oulu. Her research focuses on the relationship between humans and the environment in the Nordic regions, with a particular focus on questions of climate change, environmental changes and the societal impacts of these processes. Lépy is also a subject matter expert in projects related to climate refugees.  

Ann-Christin Pilviö

As a Business Development Manager at IKEA Finland Ann-Christin Pilviö manages the company’s new projects and corporate responsibility work in Finland.