A picture of exhibitors, two people at an exhibitor stand holding a magazine "Maailman kuvalehti".
Photo: Saara Kivimäki

For exhibitors

From this page you can find general information about the festival’s trade fair. The page will update and the sign up for exhibitors for the festival of 2022 will begin in autumn 2021.


This is a tentative map of 2021 World Village Festival’s festival site, for the use of exhibitors and partners. The festival reserves rights for all changes.

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The map in pdf form.

Terms and conditions for participants

Each exhibitor and other participant participating at the festival shall agree and follow the terms and conditions.
Please read carefully the terms and conditions that are agreed in the exhibitor registration. Terms and Conditions for 2021 festival (pdf).

Large stands and Branding areas

There are several different possibilities for large exhibition stands within the festival area. Large exhibition stands include floored tents that have been pre-built, or assigned places for a large tent of your own. The tent areas are 6×6, 6×9 or 6×12 meters in size. A large stand allows you to reach a wider audience, makes it easier to organize activities, and is more visible in the festival communications. An exhibitor with a large exhibition stand gets their name on the festival map and access to the Lämpiö-networking space. In addition, an exhibitor with a large stand gets their logo and the program of their exhibition stand displayed on the festival website.

Large tent stands can also be booked together with other exhibitors or with resale rights, which means you can sell a part of your space for example to your own member organisations. You could build a theme installation on a large tent spot with your member organisations or other stakeholders who work in the same field with you.

Branding areas are spaces with your own brand’s presence, that increase audience experience. A Branding area can be for example a sitting area, a stage, or some other area in the festival. It can also be implemented as a programme area, through advertising visibility at the festival, or through some other form of implementation that will be agreed upon jointly. Possible branding areas are, for example, Kid’s Corner, Street Art Area, the garden area, the Konttori back yard or Magito. The stakeholder implementing a branding area can promote their work or do face to face marketing similarly than those with their own expo stand. Outside of this, face to face marketing is prohibited in the festival area, except from partner level participants. The pricing for the branding area varies between 3000 and 6000 euros depending on the exact area, visibility and execution.

Picture of Raikastamo tent in Childrens' area
A picture of Raikastamo Branding area in Kid’s Corner in 2018. Photo: Saara Kivimäki
Picture of Whim's tent and two people in yellow raincoats
Whim in 6×6 tent built by the festival in 2019. Photo: Tanja Ryhänen

Theme stands

Themed tent sections are an excellent opportunity to reach audience alongside other organisations offering similar services.

Open Finland

Open Finland is aimed especially at organisations that wish to speak to new Finns about Finland as well as services and opportunities associated with Finnish society. The tent’s exhibitors represent services related to state authorities, media, CSOs, education, hobbies and entrepreneurship.

Climate Village

Climate Village hosts organisations looking to showcase their concrete activities on tackling climate change. It’s aimed at all parties interested in promoting and spreading awareness of climate change and climate justice in Finland and around the globe.

Clean World

The Clean World theme tent is for companies that offer everyday solutions and innovations for a cleaner world.

Picture from open Finland tent
A picture from Open Finland tent in 2017. Photo: Andrea Balogh
A picture of a person wearing VR glasses
Programme from larger and theme stands will be featured in festival’s website. Photo: Jani Savolainen

Standard stand

Because of high demand for standard stands, all requests may not unfortunately be satisfied. The standard stands include the smaller stands in the Market of Possibilities, as well as the bazaar, food and tent stands (max 4 x 4 meters). Members of Fingo are automatically accepted, all other registrations are evaluated case by case.

Market of Possibilities

The available standard stand sizes are 2 x 2 m (4 m²) and 2 x 4 m (8 m²). Only one exhibitor per standard stand.

Tent stands

Spaces for exhibitors’ own tents are available near Kattilahalli, which houses the Market of Possibilities. These spaces are 3 x 3 m (9 m²) and 4 x 4 m (16 m²) in size.

Commercial stands

Food stands

Both CSOs and commercial vendors are offered 4 x 4 m (16 m²) tent stands. The food vendor is responsible for providing the tent. Tables, chairs and electricity may be ordered as part of the registration. Food truck operators may also apply for spaces at the festival. Only one food vendor per food stand.

Read more about being a food vendor at the festival.

Bazaar stands

Bazaar stands are intended for commercial crafts vendors. All sales must occur within the vendor’s tent. Only one vendor per bazaar stand. Electricity may be ordered as part of the registration, furniture not available.