Terms and Conditions for Exhibitors

1. Exhibitors

1.1. Fingo reserves the right to approve or reject exhibitor applications for World Village Festival. Here, “exhibitor” refers to civil society organisations, educational institutions, government organisations, businesses as well as commercial food and bazaar vendors or other similar operators that register as exhibitors for the festival.
1.2. A stand at the festival will be confirmed only after the invoice has been paid by the due date or a written cooperation agreement has been signed with Fingo.
1.3. The exhibitor agrees to follow the terms and conditions stated in this contract. Any breach of contract will initially lead to a verbal notification from Fingo. Should the exhibitor or his/her representative not correct the matter despite receiving a second notice in writing, Fingo reserves the right to cancel the exhibitor’s activities at the festival and cancel the contract without notice. In this case the exhibitor has no right to claim back any paid rent, electricity or other pertinent payments made by the exhibitor to Fingo. In addition, Fingo reserves the right to terminate the contract immediately, if the exhibitor's operations break the law or the collective labour agreement.

2. Terms of Payment and Cancellation

2.1. Invoices issued for the participation must be paid by the due date. Otherwise Fingo reserves the right to cancel this contract unilaterally.
2.2. Fingo is not responsible for any incorrect information in the price calculator of the online registration form. The exhibitor is bound to check the validity of the prices.
2.3. Cancellation of participation must always be made in a written form according to the cancellation terms below. Leaving an invoice unpaid is not an adequate action to cancellation.
2.4. If the exhibitor has electronically or in writing reserved a large exhibitor stand or a theme stand, the exhibitor has the right to cancel its participation within seven (7) days counting from the date of the e-mail confirmation sent by Fingo. The cancellation must be made in written form. If a cancellation is made after this date, the exhibitor must pay the full amount specified in the cooperation agreement as compensation to Fingo.
2.5 Exhibitors who have registered for a standard stand (food or bazaar vendor, tent stand 3 x 3 m or 4 x 4 m, Market of Possibilities 2 x 2 m or 4 x 4 m) through the online form and will not conclude a written agreement with Fingo shall be sent a message confirming their participation to the e-mail address given in their registration by 20 March 2018. The exhibitor has the right to cancel its registration within seven (7) days of the date of the confirmation message, unless otherwise agreed.
2.6. If an exhibitor approved for a standard stand cancels its stand after the time period given in Section 2.5. but before at most forty (40) days before the festival’s start date, Fingo has the right to collect half (50%) of the participation fee specified in the confirmed registration. If the first day of the festival is less than forty (40) days away, Fingo has the right to collect the participation fee in full as specified in the confirmed registration.
2.7 Both parties have, divergent from the agreement period, the right to cancel the agreement immediately, should the other party substantially violate the duties detailed in this agreement. Additionally, Fingo reserves the right to cancel the agreement immediately, should the exhibitor’s operations reveal details or activities that are considered, following thorough consideration, to cause significant harm to Fingo’s public image. Activities considered to cause harm to Fingo’s public image include activities that do not correspond to the general instructions of World Village Festival, legislation pertaining to employment contracts and working hours or the terms of collective labour agreements. Links in the activities of exhibitors to tax havens are also considered to constitute harm to Fingo’s public image. Should Fingo cancel an agreement with an exhibitor due to a material breach of agreement or harm caused to Fingo’s public image, the exhibitor is not entitled to any compensation due to the termination of the agreement.

3. Force Majeure

If the festival or a part of it is cancelled for reasons beyond Fingo’s control, the payments of e.g. rent, electricity, furniture or promotional packages will not be refunded to the exhibitor.

4. Electricity

The exhibitor shall order the required amount of electricity while filling in the online registration form. Electrical installations on the festival site shall be performed by an electric contractor authorised by Fingo. Fingo is not responsible for any loss of business due to an electrical failure. Exhibitors are not allowed to produce their own electricity, for example with a generator.

5. Construction and Dismantling of Exhibitor Stands

5.1. Exhibitors are allowed to start constructing their stands on Friday 25 May between 18:00–22:00, and on Saturday 26 May between 8:00–10:15. More supplies can be brought on Sunday 27 May between 9:00–10:15. All cars have to be removed from the festival site by 10:15 on both days.
5.2. Exhibitors must provide a sufficient amount of weights or stakes to guarantee a safe erection of their own tents in any conditions. Exhibitors are responsible for any damages caused to themselves or others by an inadequate erection of their own tents.
5.3. The dismantling of the exhibitor stands shall take place on Sunday 27 May between 19:00–21:00. For security reasons the festival site can be accessed by car on Sunday only after the festival ends, approximately at 19:15–19:30 at the earliest. Packing and loading must be conducted swiftly so that the cars will not block normal driving routes. Exhibitors must organise their own parking outside the festival site, as Fingo cannot arrange parking spaces. Fingo shall be entitled to toe away wrongly parked vehicles at the expense of the vehicle's owner.

6. Exhibition (Programme and Products)

6.1. The exhibitor shall keep his/her stand open during the opening hours of the festival, Saturday 25 May 11:00–21:00 and Sunday 26 May 11:00-19:00, except the Market of Possibilities tent that will close 1 hour earlier on both days (Sat 8pm and sun 6pm).
6.2. Exhibitors may not give their stands away for use of any third party without Fingo’s written consent. Neither shall exhibitors admit a third party to use their stand without Fingo’s written consent.
6.3. All fundraising and/or material distribution activities will take place only inside the exhibitor’s own stand unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
6.4. The programme and/or other activity taking place at the exhibitor's own stand must not disturb the neighbouring stands. Performing live music or using a sound reinforcement system is forbidden at exhibition stands.
6.5. Exhibitors may only sell products, food and/or services agreed upon in advance with Fingo. These products must be announced beforehand when filling in the online registration. Any changes must be agreed upon in writing with Fingo prior to the festival.
6.6. Exhibitors that are not registered as food vendors may, however, serve coffee, tea, and individually wrapped snacks such as cookies, candy, etc. (Section 8 determines the rest of the contract terms concerning food vendors)
6.7. Exhibitors are obligated to provide the customer with a receipt for purchased products.

7. Recycling

Exhibitors must sort all their waste at the recycling points. Food vendors must first sort their waste at their own stands (see Clause 8.8) and then transport the sorted waste to the festival’s recycling and waste points.

8. Food Vendors

8.1. Exhibitors must inform Fingo of any food vending when reserving their stands. Food vending is allowed only in designated tents (4 x 4 m) or food trucks/wagons and with permission from Fingo.
8.2. Each preliminarily selected food vendor must have at least one representative at the Training for Food Vendors organised on March 2019 (Fingo, Elimäenkatu 25–27 00510 Helsinki). The preliminarily selected food vendors will be invited to the training approximately two weeks beforehand. If a food vendor does not have at least one representative at the Training for Food Vendors, Fingo reserves the right to cancel this contract without notice.
8.3. If an exhibitor wishes to serve food, the type of food is to be agreed upon in advance. Any changes must be announced in writing to Fingo prior to the festival.
8.4. Each food vendor is committed to provide at least one vegetarian food in their menu.
8.5. The food vendor is committed to replace so-called “normal” products with Fair Trade products used in the preparation and sales of food as far as possible. Additionally, Fingo recommends the use of organic and locally produced products.
8.6. Exhibitors agree to abide by the food product regulations set by the municipality of Helsinki. All tableware (plates, cups, cutlery etc.) used at the festival must be biodegradable. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the stand’s closure. All bottled/canned soft drinks that are for sale have to be recyclable and refundable.
8.7. Each food vendor stand must have a hand-washing post required by the Food Safety Authority.
8.8. Food vendors must sort their waste in advance at their own stands and recycle it at the recycling points.
8.9. Food vendors commit to collecting the food grease produced in their own operations and recycling it at the indicated recycling units.
8.10. Food venrods are not allowed to practice fundraising or material distribution at their stands.
8.11. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) bottles weighing max. 6 kg are only allowed. Exhibitors must make sure their stands contain no more than 25 kg of LPG at a time. All LPG bottles must be attached to the machines in use. LPG bottles must be stored in a place indicated by the organiser. The exhibitor shall declare the amount of LPG appliances used at the stand while filling the online registration form. Exhibitors using LPG must be prepared to put out a fire in case of an emergency and have a fire blanket and/or a fire extinguisher at the stand. All food vendors are recommended to procure at least a fire blanket and learn how to operate with it.

9. Security

A professional security service will guard the festival site at night during 22 May–27 May. However, Fingo is not responsible for any property or belongings left on the premises by the exhibitors and vendors.

10. Deposit (Only Concerns Commercial Food vendors)

Fingo's representative will collect a € 100 (one hundred euros) deposit from each exhibitor during the morning of Saturday 25 May. The deposit must be paid in cash and will be refunded on Sunday evening after the festival if the following conditions are met:
10.1. The stand area is left neat and tidy and all waste has been brought to the appropriate locations.
10.2. The exhibitor’s vehicle has not damaged the lawn, flower beds or the surroundings in general.
10.3. Fingo has not been obliged to interrupt business due to a breach of contract (see Clause 1.3.).

11. Labor Legislation and Following Laws

The exhibitor agrees to comply with the appropriate provisions of the national collective labor agreement as well as Finnish law.

12. Cleavages and Applicable Legislation

All disagreements should primarily try to be resolved by mediation between the parties involved. If this proves unsuccessful, the matter is to be solved by the District Court of Helsinki.

For further information, contact production manager.

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