General information

World Village Festival will take place on 29–30 May. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the festival will be organized virtually on an online platform. The programme can be viewed the week after the festival, until 4 June. The festival is free of charge. The festival includes 60 individual programme numbers from discussions to music, documentary films to kids programme, and exhibitions.

The festival is organized by Fingo

The festival is organized by Finnish Development NGOs Fingo, an umbrella organization for approximately 300 international development organisations. The main partners of the event are Lutheran Church in Helsinki, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, European Commission in Finland, European Parliament Information Office in Finland and Maailman Kuvalehti magazine. Various other organizations and stakeholders also produce programme numbers at the festival.

How to participate at the virtual festival

The virtual World Village Festival will take place on a separate festival platform. Visitors will sign in using their personal email addresses and names. The festival platform and the sign-in page will open on Friday 28 May at 12 noon. Your name will not be visible on the platform unless you participate in discussions.

The festival weekend programme can be watched on the festival platform on different virtual stages in accordance with the festival schedule on Saturday 29 May from 11am to 9pm and on Sunday 30 May from 11am to 7pm. The programme numbers can also be viewed during the following week, from Monday to Friday 31 May–4 June.

Due to copyright issues, in order to view the films and follow discussions related to film screenings, you have to sign into a separate film screening platform that can be accessed through the festival platform’s Cinema stage. Documentaries can only be viewed from Finland, and the maximum total number of viewers per documentary film is 500. Once this limit is reached, the documentary can no longer be viewed at the World Village Festival. The documentaries will be available for viewing in accordance with the festival schedule and can be viewed until 4 June, or until the maximum viewer capacity of 500 is reached. The discussions and interviews happening on the Cinema stage can be viewed without restrictions until 4 June.

The festival platform can be accessed via the festival’s website on Friday 28 May from 12 noon onwards. Once the platform goes live, you will be able to create your login information as well. If you log out at any point, please use the same login information to re-enter. You can use the same login information for the film screening platform. Please note that your name or username will be visible in the chat discussions, if you take part in the conversations.

Be on the lookout for fake events on social media

The festival is entirely free of charge and all programme numbers are open for everyone. You are not required to enter your credit card information to use the festival platform – the only information required is a valid email address. If someone is asking for your credit card information in regards to World Village Festival participation, you have accidentally stumbled upon a fake event. Fake event information and messages are spread particularly on Facebook, especially in the comment section of posts related to the festival. Do not click on any suspicious links on social media, and do not share these links!

The authentic World Village festival and Facebook event will be hosted by @maailmakylassa and @FingoFi. The festival also includes side events, like Facebook event pages created by organisations and groups who are implementing programme at the festival. These events will also feature @maailmakylassa as a co-host. All official Facebook pages and events are hosted by this Facebook account.

The most secure way to access the World Village virtual festival platform is through the front page of

Discussion channels i.e. chat rooms

The festival platform will also host discussion channels, i.e. chat rooms, in conjunction with the virtual stages and on the main page. You can use the discussion channels to share your festival mood throughout the day, ask questions and post pictures. You can also use the discussion channels to ask questions about the schedule, stages or other issues. All discussion channels are pre-moderated and the principles of safe spaces are applied.

The discussion channels that are connected to programme stages are primarily meant for commenting, questions and discussion related to the ongoing programme number.

You can also share pictures through all the chat rooms and participate in a photo contest to win a festival canvas bag! Share a photo of your festival crew or the location from where you’re joining the virtual festival for a chance to win a cool canvas bag with the festival logo!

Discussion channels are open on the festival weekend, Saturday 11am-9pm and Sunday 11am-7pm.

A safe discussion arena for everyone

The festival platform will include discussion channels on each stage and the main page. Discussion channels are like chat rooms that will be pre-moderated by the festival organizer. The festival platform and other digital channels of the festival will be kept as safe spaces, and any inappropriate behavior or harassment is forbidden. Inappropriate comments will not be allowed through moderation and they will also be removed from all social media channels.

To take part in respectful, interesting and appropriate discussion, keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Do not make assumptions about your conversation partner, for example related to their understanding or background, based on their demeanor or personal attributes.
  • Do not spread stereotypes, assumptions or insulting or disturbing comparisons about people or groups of people.
  • No name calling, bullying or harassing language.
  • Create space for further discussion with your own comments, and allow space for others to comment and also disagree with you.
  • Keep an open mind – through engaging with new people and new topics without prejudice you open yourself up for learning and growing.
  • Respect other people’s right to self determination, pay attention to your word choices and remember that people and their experiences of the world are very diverse.
  • Give advice, don’t bring others down – our abilities to obtain information about different topics vary. If you encounter information about a topic that differs from the information you have, remain kind and gentle if you try to correct someone. If someone else is giving you advice, listen and examine your own point of view before getting defensive. Making mistakes is not only allowed, it is also human.