Kuvassa väkijoukkoa Maailma kylässä -festivaalilla
Kuva: Anastasija Kaert


The World Village Festival area is barrierless and open to all. We also strive to make our communications as accessible as possible. 

Moving around the festival area 

Performances on the main Savannah Stage can be viewed from a wheelchair platform. Exhibitor tent entrances have ramps and the Market of Possibilities tent and most of its exhibitor spaces can be traversed on plastic surfaces.

The Railway Square area is covered with shallow cobblestone, the Kaisaniemi Park roads with sand and rest of the area with grass. Moving around the park area may be more difficult in rainy conditions.

The tent within the children’s area Kids’ Corner is small, and on the fire safety authority’s orders, prams may not be taken inside. To help everyone participate in the programme, spaces near the tent entrance will be arranged for visitors with prams or wheelchairs. Security personnel at the children’s area are available to help arrange spaces.

The festival area includes four accessible bathrooms, which are marked on the map. The accessible bathroom next to the children’s area includes a changing table.

We welcome guide dogs to the festival area, however the noise and large crowds may not be suitable for animals.

Indoor spaces 

Parts of World Village Festival are held indoors. Accessible entrance to the Taiga Stage (Stage Club of the Finnish National Theatre) is at Itäinen Teatterikuja 2a. 

Taiga Stage features an induction loop, which bypasses background noise by transmitting microphone audio to hearing aids or hearing implant processors via a magnetic field. 

Village Cinema (On the Rocks, Mikonkatu 15) is easily accessible with a movable ramp near the main entrance. Village Cinema is a fully accessible space, which includes an accessible bathroom.

In 2020, World Village Festival will also host events in Kino Regina of the Central Library Oodi, which is a fully accessible space. 

Festival communications 

We strive to consider people with visual handicaps or impairments in festival communications. The festival website uses large type sizes and high contrast, and the information is also accessible by reading devices.

Signage at the festival area, maps and other symbols are also made as clear as possible through contrast and type choice. We strive for clarity in the Finnish and English language we use to communicate on the festival website and at the festival area.

If you find shortcomings in the festival’s accessibility, please contact our production manager or communications manager. We work to make World Village Festival as accessible and as pleasant as possible for everyone and will gladly hear suggestions for improvement.