Picture of kids playing in the Wolrd Village festival's children's area.
Photo: Andrea Balogh

Children’s festival

World Village Festival is a festival for the entire family. The children’s programme at Kids’ Corner runs throughout the festival weekend, but other parts of the festival are also suitable for our youngest visitors. World Village Festival 2020 has been cancelled. Read more here.

Families with children have come to love the various workshops held at Kids’ Corner. The children’s area has featured composting workshops, doll house remodelling and dances and music from numerous different cultures.

In addition to the programme of the children’s area, the festival’s main stage features a large children’s concert every year. Other stages also host events for the entire family – check out the performances at the Street Art Area and Mekong Stage at Railway Square.

Kids’ Corner

Kids’ Corner is in Kaisaniemi Park, on the right side of the fountain when viewed from the National Theatre. The area includes a changing station and free parking for prams. The pram parking area is not monitored, however, so the festival will not take responsibility for lost property.

Prams may not be taken inside the Kids’ Corner for reasons of fire safety. To help everyone take part in the programme, however, visitors with prams or wheelchairs can be arranged space near the tent entrance. The security personnel at the area will be happy to help.

There is a wealth of interesting exhibitor stands and food vendors around the Kids’ Corner in addition to the programme, so everyone should be able to find something interesting.

Tips for families with children

At the festival information desk, you can pick up labels to write contact details on to attach to your children’s clothing. Lost children are escorted to the Kaisaniemi Park information desk, where our volunteers will accompany the children while they wait for their parents.

Music at the festival may get loud, especially at the main stage, so hearing protection may be useful for young children. The festival information desk will also provide ear plugs if needed.

The World Village Festival area is located at the centre of Helsinki, so the area is easily accessible via train, metro, bus and tram. We highly recommend public transportation for those travelling with prams as well, as parking space around the city centre is limited.