Ilmastomarssi keräsi ihmiset osoittamaan mieltään lokakuussa 2018.
Festivaali kerää kävijät ja päättäjät keskustelemaan ilmastonmuutoksesta toukokuussa. Aiemmin päättäjiltä on vaadittu toimia esimerkiksi Ilmastomarssilla lokakuussa 2018.
Hanna Vaittinen / Fingo

The 20th World Village Festival looks for climate change solutions

Held this year for the 20th time, World Village Festival will assemble politicians, activists, researchers, artists, civic-minded influencers to talk about and find solutions to climate change

World Village Festival is set to take on climate change this May. Climate change affects the entire world and is thus a clear choice for the main theme of the 20th festival. 

‘Every one of us is needed to solve the climate crisis. That is why we want to take the occasion of our 20th festival to remind people of its importance, to highlight solutions and to encourage all festival visitors to take action for a sustainable future,’ says Executive Director Juha-Erkki Mäntyniemi of Fingo, the festival’s main organiser. 

Emma-winning musician and main stage performer Timo Lassy also wants to inspire people to act on climate issues. 

We are facing the last opportunities for both global leaders as well as us individuals to make important decisions for the future of humanity,’ Lassy says. 

Melanesian climate change struggle depicted in documentary film world premiere 

Climate change is a prevalent theme in the festival programme. The festival’s Village Cinema will feature, among others, the world premiere of the documentary film Wantoks: Dance of Resilience, produced by the Cultures of Resistance Network. Directed by filmmaker Iara Lee, the documentary transports the viewer to Melanesia, where rising sea levels caused by global warming threatens the existence of both the islands and cultures of the region. 

Visitors will also have a chance to get to know climate-related work done by over 400 organisations at their festival stands. 

World Village Festival will be held 25–26 May 2019 in Kaisaniemi Park and Railway Square in Helsinki. The event is hosted by Fingo, the umbrella organisation for over 300 development CSOs.

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