Kepa talks: Ilmasto muuttaa kaiken - mitä tekee Suomi?, Kuvaaja: Saara Kivimäki
Kuva: Saara Kivimäki

Programme cooperation

Every year, many CSO's and other organisations participate in producing the festival programme, for example by inviting international speakers, hosting discussions or by producing exhibitons, concerts or programme for children.

The 2019 theme is Climate Change and the festival is also celebrating it's 20th birthday.

The Programme Manager makes final decisions on programme suggestions. Decisions will favour the festival’s annual themes and the topicality of the suggestion.

Factual programme cooperation

Parties interested in factual programme cooperation may produce discussions, interviews or panels and thus gain greater visiblity for their themes and campaigns.

A factual programme producer is responsible for the content, participants and running of their programme, as well as for organising interpreting if necessary. A programme producer is also responsible for the expenses related to their programme such as performers' fees, travel and accomodation.

However, the festival partakes in the traveling and accommodation costs of a few international speakers. 

The festival provides factual programme producers with technical equipment and premises, compiles communication materials for the event and communicates about the event through several channels. A warm meal is also  offered for speakers on the day of their performance. The programme producer also gains visibility in the event’s communication and marketing.

Factual programme proposals for the 2019 festival can be submitted until 14 January trough the factual programme proposal form. The factual programme selections will be made by mid-February. 

Films and documentaries

The festival programme includes films and documentaries about global themes along with related discussions and interviews. The film programme is selected in co-operation with local film festivals. Proposals for films and dcumentaries for the 2019 festival can be submitted trough the culture programme proposal form latest by 14 January 2019.

Culture programme cooperation

Culture programme producers can produce events like concerts, children’s programme, exhibitions and workshops.

A culture programme producer participates in negotiations with the artist or opens the negotiations between the artist and the festival. A producer is primarily responsible for the expenses of the programme, including the artists’ fees, travel and accomodation. In some cases, the festival may also share some of the expenses with the producer.

A culture programme producer benefits from the use of the festival’s comprehensive communications channels, through which the programme and programme-producing parties are promoted.

Concert proposals for the 2019 festival can be submitted trough the culture programme proposal form by 30 November at the latest. Other culturel programme can be submitted until 14 January 2019.

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