Mohamad Najem
Mohamed Najem (keskellä).
Hassan Chamoun

From barricades to hashtags – Social media in the Middle East

    Discussion Democracy Human rights State of civil society
Saturday 25.5.2019 18:55 – 19:25 Taiga Stage, Finnish National Theatre Club Scene

The Arab Spring turned social media into an important civic space in the Middle East and North Africa. In recent years, regimes in the region have attempted to expand their control from physical spaces to online spaces as well. Defending civic spaces thus means defending digital rights, such as freedom of expression and privacy. 

Mohamad Najem, director of SMEX, a Beirut-based organisation focused on the intersection of technology and human rights in Arabic speaking countries, speaks about the threats and opportunities in online spaces and discusses how we can continue to defend civic spaces across the region. Najem is interviewed by journalist Sanna Raita-aho

The language of the interview is English. 

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