Burkinabè Bounty
Marco del Comune & Oliver Migliore

Burkinabè Bounty

Saturday 25.5.2019 18:15 – 18:55 Village Cinema, On the Rocks

The documentary film Burkinabè Bounty by the Cultures of Resistance network discusses the journey of the West African Burkina Faso towards self-sufficient food production. 

Creativity is the key as farmers, students, artists and the local “slow food” movement defend their traditions from intensive farming. Women strive to become wealth holders by selling local products, while the youth marches in the streets in demonstration against enterprises such as Monsanto. Also dance provides ways for revolution. 

The film is followed by an interview with Iara Lee. 

2018 / Burkina Faso/USA/Bulgaria/Italy  
Director: Iara Lee 
Languages: French, English, Moorish
Subtitles: English
Age recommendation: 7  
Length: 37 min 

Director Iara Lee at the festival

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