Syksy Räsänen
Syksy Räsänen.

Climate change intensifies conflicts in the Middle East

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Saturday 25.5.2019 18:20 – 18:50 Taiga Stage, Finnish National Theatre Club Scene

What is the role of climate change in ongoing conflicts? Can drought and a lack of clean water trigger new wars? We look at this topical issue through three conflict zones in the Middle East: Israel/Palestine, Yemen and Syria. 

The panellists include researcher Yasmeen al-Eryani, who specialises in Yemen's civil society and development co-operation; Bruno Jäntti, co-author of the book Syyrian sota; and Syksy Räsänen, author of the book Israelin apartheid and chair of ICAHD Finland. The panel is hosted by Mimmi Hukkamäki from the Finnish Somali League. 

The discussion is held in English. 


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