Iara Lee / Wantoks
Iara Lee / Cultures of Resistance Network

Discussion: Rising seas threaten peoples and cultures

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Sunday 26.5.2019 17:45 – 18:30 Village Cinema, On the Rocks

Climate change and rising sea levels pose an existential threat to island nations and cultures in the Pacific. At the same time, some Melanesian peoples are still fighting for autonomy. 

After the screening of the documentary "Wantoks", director Iara Lee is on hand to speak about the background of her film. She is joined on stage by Hanna Matinpuro, director of the Siemenpuu Foundation, and Petra Autio, a social anthropologist specialising in the Pacific region. The discussion is moderated by Juha Mäkinen, editor-in-chief of Maailman Kuvalehti. 

The discussion is held in English.  

Documentarist Iara Lee at the festival

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