Still-kuva Remembering Lampedusa -elokuvasta.
Ditte Uljas & Anna Blom

Discussion: The shipwreck that changed the conversation on refugees

    Discussion Human rights
Saturday 25.5.2019 14:15 – 14:45 Village Cinema, On the Rocks

The sinking of a fishing boat carrying hundreds of refugees across the Mediterranean in 2013 shook the world. The panel, moderated by journalist Saska Saarikoski, delves further into the themes of the documentary series "Remembering Lampedusa".   

Panel members include Adal Neguse, one of the series’ central figures, documentary director Anna Blom and Executive Director Annu Lehtinen of the Finnish Refugee Council. The panel discusses how human suffering is often brushed aside in political decision-making. How can documentaries make human suffering more tangible and highlight the need for safe routes of arrival?  

The discussion is held in English. 

At 13.15: Remembering Lampedusa.

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