Auringonlasku. Still-kuva Warmer Days -elokuvasta.
Warmer Days

Discussion: Warmer Days – Climate change struggle in Myanmar

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Saturday 25.5.2019 12:25 – 13:00 Village Cinema, On the Rocks

The screening of the "Warmer Days" documentary is followed by a discussion about climate change and the struggle against it in Myanmar. Director Khin Myanmar talks about her film in an interview with Kii Runsten. 

The discussion also features a word on climate work in Myanmar by Timo Kuronen of the Siemenpuu Foundation, a presentation of Vikes’ recent work from Executive Director Auli Starck and the latest news from Myanmar related by Finnish Ambassador Riikka Laatu. The discussion includes time for questions from the audience. 

The language of the discussion is English.

At 12.00: Warmer days – Myanmar in the Age of Climate Change.

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