Still-kuva Do More With Less -elokuvasta.
Do More With Less

Discussion: Will architecture save the environment or ruin it?

    Discussion Environment Sustainability
Sunday 26.5.2019 16:25 – 17:00 Village Cinema, On the Rocks

The documentary "Do More with Less" presents an approach to sustainable architecture based on the use of local materials and local knowledge. 

From this context, the panellists share their experiences to critically engage with the documentary and ask questions about local and low-tech architecture – is it more sustainable than its global and industrialised counterparts? Will architecture save the environment or ruin it? The panel discussion is moderated by Carlos Lamuela Orta, an urbanist at Finnish Consulting Group. 

The panellists are: 
Humphrey Kalanje, architect, Aalto University (Tanzania) 
Inari Virkala, architect, Komitu Architects, (Finland)     
Michiru Nagatsu, Associate Professor, Economics and Philosophy Lab, Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science HELSUS (Japan) 

The discussion is held in English. 

At 14.40: Do More with Less.

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